It’s been nearly a year since Dandelion 5 was released. During this time, Dandelion has gone through almost a complete rewrite and restructure. All this work has put it in a great position for future additions and maintainability. Dandelion 6 has a lot of cool new features including but not limited to:

  • Editing the category on a log
  • Completed API
  • Unified, more powerful search
  • Better theme handling
  • and more!

From this point forward, all major releases will have a code name along with the normal version numbers. Why? Because I think it’s cool. Because of the vast amount of changes making the current Dandelion look almost nothing like the old (both inside and out), “Phoenix” has been chosen as the code name for Dandelion 6.

The time has come! Take back the time you’ve wasted keeping up with written logs! Download Dandelion “Phoenix” and taste the true power of logging.

Download version 6 on Github today!