Dandelion - Release Notes


  • New: Disable users instead of deleting them.
  • New: Comments on logs
  • New: Development Vagrant environment
  • New: Permalink for individual logs
  • Fixed: Display issues on the dashboard
  • Improved: Replaced jHtmlArea with ckEditor
  • Improved: Creating and editing logs moved to separate page
  • Improved: Centralized session manager
  • Improved: Dev build script
  • Improved: Internal permissions handling
  • Improved: Validation of API request parameters
  • Misc. fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: Non admin users couldn’t edit logs


  • Fixed: Category rendering in IE
  • Fixed (in 6.0.1): Theme rendering in IE
  • Fixed: Session expiration
  • Fixed: Updating application version causes infinite redirect


  • New: Interface update
    • Dandelion has been updated with a fresh, new look. But don’t worry, if you don’t like the new look, just switch to the Legacy theme.
  • New: The category of a log can be edited
  • New: Unified, simplified, and more powerful search!!!
    • Search now uses a simple syntax to search any part of a log
    • Sample syntax: title:"router 1" categories:"Configuration:Routes"
    • Documentation
  • Improved: Completed and cleaned public API
  • Improved: Major source rewrite
    • This help development in several ways:
      • Isolated public and application folders
      • Improved application structure for looser dependencies
      • Ability to easily implement different databases (Postgres and SQLite coming)
      • New routing functionality
      • Better templating
      • Cleaner bootstrap and application initialization
  • Improved: Theme management system
    • Themes are handled a bit more elegantly and the structure have been simplified. Making creating themes much easier.
  • Improved: Replaced TinyMCE with jHtmlArea
  • Removed: The mail system has been removed because it didn’t fit well with the purpose of Dandelion


  • Bug fix: No spellcheck in TinyMCE editor


  • Bug fix: User’s name not showing on filtered logs


  • Rights management
  • Internal email system
  • Better look and feel when adding/editing logs
  • Migration to fill jQuery utilization
  • Cheesto status is set without extra button click
  • Internal and Public API (the public API is disabled by default)
    • Can be disabled/enabled at will
    • Per user API keys
    • Available APIs:
      • Read/Update Cheesto Status
      • Read log entries
      • Key management
      • Test API key
  • Code refactoring
    • Consolidation of methods
    • Working on consistant formatting
    • Namespacing
    • Modularization


  • Better theme handling
    • Easier to create themes
    • Admins can set a default theme
  • Cheesto can be disabled site-wide
  • Internal APIs for stylesheet and JS loading
  • PHP session cookies are identified with a unique prefix
  • Tutorial no longer show for new users, it’s still available in the menu
  • Bug fixes
  • Code refactoring


  • Added compatibility libraries for older PHP versions
    • password_combat for PHP 5.5 password_* functions
  • Major bug fixes
    • JSON syntax error for category display
    • Incorrect boolean value for add logs
    • Old column name for presence table when adding user
    • Incorrect file names


  • Filter by category from each log entry
  • Admin ability to backup database
  • Database prefix so Dandelion doesn’t conflict for other apps
  • Bug fixes


  • Lots of under the hood changes
  • Mainly bug fix and optimization


  • Fixed issue where Cheesto couldn’t get a time and message from user


  • Fixed compatibility bug with IE on Windows 7 (Dandelion is compatible with IE9+)
  • Added category management
  • Other bugs


  • Fixed bug where category filter wasn’t using updated AJAX API

< v4.2.1

  • Uhhh…. Stuffz