Version 6 of Dandelion is close to being released. The major feature set has been frozen and only minor tweaks and bug fixes will be made. The new release has a lot of cool stuff. Some of the highlights include:

  • begin able to edit a log’s category after save
  • robust, unified search
  • new, easy to use interface
  • improved themeing engine
  • completed external API
  • and more!

Dandelion has a whole has been rebuilt almost from the ground up. The backend is more modular and loosely coupled which puts it in a good place for future development and expansion. The database has been abstracted allowing for easier accommodation of other databases. SQLite and PostgreSQL are in the works.

Everyone is invited to download version 6, it’s the current develop branch in the repo, install it and play around. Report any bugs to the repo issue tracker. All current documentation on the website is for Dandelion 6. None of the old versions had any documentation. There are currently no pre-built archives so you will need to clone the repo and run the install manually. Instructions are located here.

The planned release date for version 6 is June 30.